Nebula1 Gear is a new design company developing high-visibility wearable gear to increase the safety of cyclists, runners, and other users. It all started in 2013 when the founder Matt Boeddiker was living in San Francisco California where he realized how difficult it was to see cyclists riding on busy urban streets. As a bike commuter, he realized how dangerous and vulnerable it felt to ride next to fast moving cars.

This tapped a reservoir of curiosity and passion to help improve this critical problem. How to make cyclists, runners, and other users more visible and safer at night?

At the time when this idea first emerged Matt was studying architecture in the graduate program at California College of the Arts. While he worked in the architecture field for two years, he would continue to experiment making LED wearable prototypes late into the night in his work-studio converted bedroom. This passion became so significant that he decided to focus on developing a product for market and take a break from architecture.

“I want to work on something that has a great effect on a wide range of people. I also want to make something that has value and can increase safety for people all over the world.”

Nebula1 Gear was formed in 2016, where it is now based in Boulder, Colorado. After two years of concept development, sketching, sewing prototypes, soldering electronics, writing code, user testing, and iterating- the first product PAKLYT is ready for the market.

A crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.com will be launched within the next few months. This is a critical part of the process to help cover the initial costs to have the product manufactured. Please sign up to be notified when the campaign will be launched and follow the progress of Nebula1 Gear. Thank you!