2,500 Feet Visible

Glowflex LED light can be visible at distances that measure 2,500 feet.


Wide Surface of Light

The surface area of light measures 5 x 10 inches, 10mm x 200 mm creating the illusion of a large light surface from a distance.


Animated Light

Dynamic animated light draws attention to a user's presence and creates a contrast to surrounding environment lights.



Wide View Radius

The flexibility of the belt allows it to be curved around the waist of a user and accessory items such as a backpack to form a light surface that can be seen to a wide range of the surrounding motorists. It can be seen from back and side of a user.


Rechargable Battery

A rechargeable 1200mAH battery can easily be charged by micro USB universal charging port.


7-19 Hour Run-Time

The LED lights are able to operate for 19 hours on flashing light modes, and 7 hour run-time with solid lights on.


Fluorescent Fabric

Bright fluorescent yellow-green fabric can be seen in low-light and daytime conditions with extreme contrast to surrounding environmental context, increasing the reaction time to respond to a user's presence.


Water Resistant

A water resistant coated material is used for the exterior shell front, back and zipper.


Reflective Strip

A reflective strip lines the top. This allows for an analog backup in cases when the LED light may be unavailable.


Storage Pouch

Zipper tight storage pouch easily accessible to store phone, keys, wallet, energy bars, and go to necessities.



Fits iPhone 8+

Fits iPhone 8 Plus: (158.4mm x 78.1mm, 6.28in x 3.07in.)




Weighing only 6.5 onuces the belt is barely noticable when wearing.


No Bounce

The snug fit and adjustable length straps reduce the movement and stops the belt from bouncing.


Elastic Stretch

Elastic bands allow for an adaptable length strap that conforms to a users waist size and reduces the overall amount of bounce and movement for a snug fit.


Wear Around Waist

The belt can be worn around a users waist, ideal for running.


Wear Across Back

The belt can be worn across the back by attaching an included extension strap.


Removable LED Panel

The LED panel light and its electronic components can easily be removed from an internal zipper pouch to allow the belt to be cleaned.